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    1*10/100M Ethernet interface(RJ45)

    1*10/100/1000M Ethernet interface(RJ45)

    1 EPON or GPON interface

    2.4G WIFI

    - +



    Indicator Description
    1 PWR Power status On: The ONU is power on

    Off: The ONU is Power off

    2 PON ONU Register On: Success to register to OLT

    Blinking: In process of registering to OLT

    Off: In process of registering to OLT

    3 LOS Optical Signals On: Optical power lower than receiver sensitivity

    Off: Optical in normal

    4 5G WIFI Blinking:Data is being transmitted

    On:Wi‐Fi function Opens

    5 2.4G WIFI Blinking:Data is being transmitted

    On:Wi‐Fi function Opens

    6 LANn LAN Port status On:Ethernet connection is normal

    Blinking: Data is being transmitted

    Off: Ethernet connection is not set up

    7 VoIP VoIP status On: The ONU’s VoIP port Registered

    Off: The ONU’s VoIP port not Registered

    8 WPS WPS On: Connecting

    Off:Not Connecting

    9 NET Internet status On:ONU can access internet

    Off: ONU can not access internet

    10 USB USB status On:USB connection is normal

    Off: USB connection is not set up


    Module X110W
    User interface 10/100M RJ45 port ,10/100/1000M RJ45 port; 2.4G WiFi
    PON Transmission speed :

    GPON: upstream 1.25Gbps /downstream 2.5Gbps

    EPON: upstream 1.25Gbps /downstream 1.25Gbps
    Network coverage radius: 20KM
    Optical receive sensitivity:≥-28dBm
    Continuous light power: 0.5dBm~+5dBm
    Security: ONU authentication mechanism

    Ethernet 1*10/100Mauto-negotiation


    Full/half duplex mode

    RJ45 connector

    Auto MDI/MDI-X

    100m distance

    Capability Support NAT
    Support PPPOE/DHCP/Static IP/Bridge WAN
    QOS Backpressure flow control(half-duplex)
    IEEE 802.3x flow control(full-duplex)
    Prevent Head Of Line
    IEEE 802.1p, CoS
    WR,SP and FIFO queue scheduling algorithm
    Port rate limit
    Safety IEEE 802.1x, access control based upon Port; support local and remote RADIUS.
    CHAP,EAP certification;
    Storm control, port protection,
    Management Various management modes such as Web, TELNET
    Debug function.
    Size 195mm(L) ×135mm(W) ×37mm(H)
    Environment Operating temperature:0℃~60℃
    Operating humidity:10%~85% non-condensingStorage temperature:-40℃~80℃
    Storage humidity:5%~95% non-condensing
    Power supply 110~240VAC 12V/0.5A DC
    power interface size:2.1mm/5.5mm